Interning at Edutech by sacrificing college placements

Originally posted on April 14, 2019

Awesome team at Udacity India

It’s always fun to share what we learn from our experiences. There are always people who take it and who don’t for various reasons depending upon the beliefs and values they hold. This article is going to be a perspective of my experience which I already had in my engineering to my first Internship office experience.

How I got in?

August 2018: My placement season was just getting started and there was a heated atmosphere among the students to get placed. I was parllely trying to accomplish two things. One is looking actively for a Job or Internship because my thought process didn’t fit the companies. Because I wasn’t looking for a option to live rest of my life, rather finding a mission that best suits to my understanding and curiosity.

I applied on Career portal and and made it till final round but failed. After, again 20 -25 days, I tried again, this time I got selected as to work as Student Experience Intern for Google India Scholars till December 1st week. I had two options, college placements or Internship in Delhi. I chose the later one, which later proved to be a right decision I made for myself.

Peak: My Learnings Letter

There’s one letter that I’d like to put it down the screenshots of them in this LinkedIn post, which I’ve writted to the team on my last day at Udacity Office, Delhi.

One of the toughest emails that I’ve ever sent.

Diverse Learnings

One of my responsibilites was to help Google India Scholars gradute from the Nanodegree program and well as help them technically and engage them to stick to their learning.

First Team

I was part of Student Experience team precisely and my first manager, Akshit Jain. One of the best learnings that I’ve had,

It’s not the best company, but the first manager will have a big impact upon how you see the rest of your career.

It’s Wonderful team who I worked closely with — Entire Student Operations (Each and everyone) and my best mentors along the journey, Amisha and Priyanka. I’ll definitely miss you all guys. (By the way, It would be weird if I mention the names each and everyone.)

Curiosity Cut Down: Marketing and Technical

Well, it has this natual occuring curiosity of things work together. It’s very easy to say, we’re on a mission to democratise education. But how you actually achive it is different story altogether. Thanks, Rohan and Amit for connecting with everyone else and explaining me for all the questions I poke them in regards Marketing, Technical & beyond.

A Conversation with Google Program Manager

I got this opportunity to connect on a Google’s Mobile Developer Fest happening in Delhi, this time not as attendee but on behalf of Udacity. By the time when event ended, I was grateful that Mathang shared time with me till he got till airport in the cab. I had vivid view and learnings about the Data, Metics, his journey to google as well as bit of life suggestions to enjoy time that I currently have.


I was already a rare guy to be seen to my friends and classmates in my Campus due to blind run towards something always. Internship at Delhi just was too far for my campus mates as such I left the college already.

Finally, after 3–4 months, when I returned back, It was expected to be 5–6 weeks for final semester to complete. By the time I stepped in it was already 1 week gone.

I restarted coping up with friends and environment, a SMS bomb dropped on the 8th day — Today is the final day of 8th semester no more working days.

Altogether, I miss each and every person of the team during my time up there.



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